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Pediatric Dentistry



The purpose of your child's first visit to the dentist is to establish a relationship of trust with the dentist and the dental hygienist. After establishing this relationship of trust, the dentist and hygienist will examine his mouth and teeth, polish and give fluoride application. For the very fearful child, the pediatric dentist has specific techniques to put him at ease and in confidence.


The application of a sealant is an easy and fast treatment that does not require anesthesia. Dental sealants and preventive resins is a preventative treatment that, combined with good dental hygiene, helps protect your child's teeth from decay.


Primary teeth (or baby teeth) play an important role in the eruption of adult teeth. If a primary tooth is removed too early, it may cause movement of the adjacent teeth and prevent the permanent tooth from pushing properly. Likewise, damaged or decayed teeth can also affect your child's health. That's why you have to repair a decayed or broken tooth, even if it will fall later.

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