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Orthodontie a la Clinique Dentaire Claud

Orthodontics is specifically concerned with diagnosing and treating tooth misalignment and irregularity in the jaw area. Initially, orthodontic treatments were geared toward the treatment of teens, but nowadays around 30 percent of orthodontic patients are adults. 

There are many advantages to well-aligned teeth, including easier cleaning, better oral hygiene, clearer speech, and a more pleasant smile.


Though orthodontic treatment can be effective at any age, the American Dental Association suggests that the earlier the orthodontic treatment begins, the more quickly the problem can be successfully resolved.

Orthodontics solutions:



A metal or ceramic dental base is affixed to each tooth, and a dental wire is inserted through each base. The orthodontist is able to gradually train the teeth into proper alignment by regularly adjusting the wire. When the desired results are achieved, the fixed dental braces are completely removed.


There are a wide range of removable braces commonly used in orthodontics, including headgear that corrects overbites, Hawley retainers that improve the position of the anterior teeth and keeps them in place, and facemasks which are used to correct an underbite.

Orthondontie fixe_Clinique Dentaire Clau
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